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Here at Live Oak Farm we go above and beyond to serve our clients. We opened to the public in 2002 and have diversified from just riding lessons to summer camps and now a full event facility rental. 

We are an outdoor wedding venue located in Walterboro, SC! This is my new direction as of 2014. Live Oak Farm will host wedding and the prices will be for the entire weekend. Share this great news with your newlywed friends! 

ALL NEW 4H clubs

 All local Horse kids are welcome to join Lowcountry Equine Performance and Speed

AND every kid interested in rabbits please join the Live Oak Farm 4H Club


March 7 birthday party 

March 7 small room bridal shower

March 14 King wedding

April 10-12 Mixson WED

April 17-19 RJ & Chelsea wed.

May 1-3 Moultrie wedding

May 10 Heinz Sunday only 

May 22-24 Hayes wedding

June 6 Danny & Katie Wedding

June 20 booked for ANNA

June 26-28 Carter/McWater                            Wedding

July 4 -11 closed

Sept 19 Hill Wedding

Oct. 16-18 Vick Wedding

Oct. 31st booked for trunk of treats

WEDDING Barn is getting some LOVE!

100 Year old barn wood table tops and a rustic tin wall is done!


for all your "agri-tainment"

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